Sick and Safe Time Ordinances and Covid-`19 

19.03.20 02:54 AM By Managing Partner

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Sick and Safe Time ordinances are on the books in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Duluth. These city ordinances mandate that employers provide sick leave for employees to care for themselves or a family member dealing with a health condition, injury, and domestic violence or assault. Employers are prohibited from denying an employee’s use of sick leave in the instances where health and safety concerns arise. 

Businesses with one (1) or more employees in St. Paul, five (5) or more employees in Duluth, or six (6) or more employees in Minneapolis may be mandated to provide paid leave for employees using Sick and Safe Time leave as a result of this global pandemic.

Below is a list of covered ordinance protections:

  • Sick employees. Sick employees may use their accrued or earned sick time if they need to get tested for the Corona virus, develop Coronavirus symptoms or become infected. Symptomatic employees are encouraged to exercise caution and self-quarantine.
  • Parents of school-aged children. With the unexpected closure of Minnesota schools, parents may find themselves having to care for their school-aged children.
  • Employees of closed businesses. Where a business is ordered closed by a public official (mayor, governor, etc.), employees of that business are entitled to protections under the Sick and Safe Time ordinances. Employees who are terminated or laid-off as a result of the Corona virus are not entitled to use Sick and Safe Time. Those employees are encouraged to contact the state to see if they can receive unemployment benefits.

Public officials are encouraging business owners and employers to be flexible in their dealings with employees during these challenging times. Flexibility may take the form of allowing employees to use Sick and Safe Time even for employees who are voluntarily closing their operations at this time. Employees may also have other protections available to them, including leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). 

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